Star System

The Albus system has been wracked by devastating war for decades, as both sides dwindle, combat is now solely planetside between the remnants of House Seldon forces and the native human inhabitants of the world that has come to be known as Seldon’s Folly.

Albus is a luminous yellow-white star, prone to solar flares

Inner Cauldron:
The inner part of the system holds a single uninhabitable world of Albus-1, known to the natives as Datov. It is a small, but high density world uncomfortably close to Albus and wrapped in a thin, but highly corrosive atmosphere.

Primary Biosphere:
The primary biosphere contains the planet Seldon’s Folly, originally called Pastorus. Floating near the planet is a mass of mangled ships and munitions, a mixture of native system defence monitors and rogue trader vessels. Somewhere in amongst the hulks is the wreckage of Marrus Seldon’s ship The Invisible Hand, destroyed by native saboteurs.

Outer Reaches:
The outer reaches of the system, holds an asteroid cluster, an icy ball of rock designated Albus-3, but called Erbilia by the natives.
Finally on the very outer edge of the system is an old STC monitor station, destroyed at the opening of the invasion.


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