Star System

The Memoria system is right at the edge of the warp storms that ring the Expanse making it a difficult system to reach. The system has been declared off-limits by the Ecclesiarchy and they have enlisted the Rogue Trader Alessaunder Godwin to blockade the system and prevent all access to the moon Redemption

Memoria is a vigourous white star, prone to solar flares and radiation bursts.

Inner Cauldron:
The inner cauldron is vulnerable to solar flares while severe radiation impedes sensors. Their are no planets in this zone, but two large asteroid clusters.

Primary Biosphere:
The primary biosphere contains 3 small, uninhabitable planets with toxic atmospheres.

Outer Reaches:
The outer edges of the system holds a pair of gas giants, the larger Muta and the smaller Tacita. Redemption is a moon of one of them.


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