Star System

The Aes system has been visited by only two Rogue Traders, Cort Saldanus and his unnamed rival whose ship he destroyed here. No other explorer has managed to chart a stable Warp route here and Cort Saldanus went missing not long after discovering this system.

Aes is a mighty and unstable blue supergiant-giant.

Inner Cauldron:
Cort Saldanus claimed that the inner cauldron of the system contained a single world, but the unstable star wrecked havoc on his sensors.

Primary Biosphere:
According to rumours the primary biosphere contained only a single world the dead forge world Cort Saldanus named Aubray’s Anvil

Outer Reaches:
The outer reaches are said to contain a titanic gas giant, which Saldanus named Tatiana’s Eye.


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