Zone 15

Interdicted Zone

What is now known as Zone 15, used to be a little used Station of Passage. Less than a century ago, Passage Watch 27 Est (Battlefleet Koronus), blockaded this area of space and claimed System Designate 028-3B8-4D as their base of operations.
As a Station of Passage, System Designate 028-383-4D is safe from warp storms.

Stellar Designate 028-3B8-4D is a weak red dwarf

Inner Cauldron:
Close to the star is a single ring of semi-molten asteroids. As Stellar Designate 028-3B8-4D isn’t very energetic, this zone is very small.

Primary Biosphere:
There are no inhabitable bodies in this zone. Instead their are 3 more asteroid belts and two barren balls of rock, barely large enough to classify as planets.

Outer Reaches:
The outer reaches hold another planet, this one a frozen ball of barren rock and another two asteroid belts. According to rumour Fleet Base Metis is concealed within the outer most belt.

Zone 15

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