The Witch-Cursed World

Station of Passage

The Witch-Cursed World is a solitary planet, always an ill-omened thing. However the planet is untouched by the warp storms of the Maw, making it a potential sheltering spot.
Unfortunately Astropaths and Navigators have reported some form of psychic interference while in orbit, which disrupts their abilities to an extent.

The Witch-Cursed World is of roughly the size and gravity of Holy Terra.

None, any atmosphere this world once had has frozen in the cold of the void.

With no star to warm it, it is completely frozen and uninhabitable.

Vast, cratered, frozen wasteland.

Places of Note
Their is an old and abandoned astropathic beacon on the surface of the world. It transmits a powerful signal every 17 minutes, exactly.

The Witch-Cursed World

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