The Hermitage

Void Station

This ancient void station is actually formed of two stations joined together hundreds of years ago. Centuries of neglect had caused parts of the station to completely fall apart, becoming open to the void.
Internally the station is surprising opulent, full of richly decorated banners of murals depicting Saint Drusus’ victories.

The Hermitage still has a small contingent of resident hermits, but it is mostly empty, used by Rogue Traders as a neutral ground for deals.

The station has no real facilities, although it’s huge and opulant chapel is the preferred place to neogotiate deals (standing in front of a platinum aquila). It also houses a scriptorium, which records to comings and goings of its many visitors, as well as various histories and donated manuscripts. Finally a crystal viewing dome has been placed on the upper levels, giving a remarkable view of the warp storms.


The Hermitage

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