The Egarian Dominion

Stellar Cluster

The Egarian Dominion is a cluster of four star systems discovered by Sebastian Winterscale. All appeared to have shared a void-capable xenos culture before being destroyed by some unknown catastrophe.
The systems share several traits; all orbit an old, giant star; each has one or more habitable worlds; these worlds are deserts, with scattered pools of brackish water and massive xenos hive-cities.

Egarian xenos artifacts are commonly traded in the Expanse and many are smuggled back into the Callixis Sector as part of the Cold Trade. Although no one has discovered what their devices are actually for, they have been put to several uses including as geode grenades, shard swords and ablative armour weaves.

Their are four systems identified as belonging to the Egarian Dominion, Egaria Alpha, the central and most heavily explored, Egaria Gamma, Egaria Epsilon, and Egaria Omega

The Egarian Dominion

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