The Breaking Yards

Void Station

The Breaking Yards are one of the very few shipyards in the Expanse, it’s unique position gives it a constantly refreshing supply of wrecked void ships, washed in on the Warp tides.
It was created by the Rogue Trader Iridas Holden to form a massive recycling and shipbuilding empire in the Expanse, his plan failed and he was killed in the ensuing mutiny.
Now the yards are a hellish industrial prison with a staggering mortality rate from the dangers of scraping damaged voidships.

It consist of two areas, the Receiving Yard, a 30 km long void station, this is where ship parts are sold and wrecks inspected. And the Breaking Yard, build across a 3,500 km patch of asteroids, anchored together with chains and corridors of scrap.

The people of the Breaking Yards are wretched and hollowed eyed, the work they do is incredibly dangerous and their equipment is sorely lacking.

It is a massive Voidship scrapyard, almost any components can be bought here and installed. Also crippled vessels brought here (a risky prospect with a gravity tides) can be efficiently torn apart for salvage.

The vast amounts of scrap here mean that the yards are defended by numerous macrobatteries and lances stripped from ruined ships. In addition the locals can muster a small flotilla of salvaged raiders to fight off attackers.
Of course the natural dangers of the SR-651 ensure that they are rarely the targets of raiders.

The Breaking Yards

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