Star System

SR-651 is a star system with a total lack of planets and plagued by powerful gravity tides and warp storms. It has two redeeming qualities however, it is located in the centre of the Exapnse, right off a major trade route between Winterscale’s Realm and the Heathen Stars, and it contains The Breaking Yards.
The Breaking Yards were constructed here to take advantage of both the vast amount of salvage from wrecked voidships and the industrial ores found it the dense asteroid fields.

SR-651 a dull red giant.

Inner Cauldron:
The Inner cauldron in prone to powerful gravity tides and contains a dense asteroid belt.

Primary Biosphere:
The central part of the system in the location of The Breaking Yards, it is also the only area free of severe gravity anomalies. Another asteroid belt is in this zone, as well as a dense asteroid cluster and a sprawling starship graveyard.

Outer Reaches:
The outer edge of the system is wracked by gravity tides, which cause the many wrecked voidships to shift and flow in the currents. There are also another two dense asteroid belts in this zone.


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