Seldon's Folly


Seldon’s Folly is a planet in the Albus system.
When the Rogue Trader Marrus Seldon discovered Pastorus it was a pleasant garden world inhabited with an advanced human culture. They had a rudimentary knowledge of the God-Emperor, ancient STC technologies and a small (but not Warp capable) void-navy.
Originally contact was extremely beneficial to all parties. Until Seldon was caught having an affair with the planetary governor’s wife.

Seldon and the Imperial delegation were expelled, in the ensuing combat Seldon’s mistress was killed. He declared war on Pastorius and brought the full force of his Dynasty in a massive invasion fleet.

Although Seldon died early in the invasion, when native saboteurs destroyed his ship his ground troops were locked in combat with the well trained and equipped native forces. This bloody meatgrinder has continued for decades and will likely keep going until both sides have exterminated each other.

Seldon’s Folly is a large, approximately Terra-sized planet, with roughly standard gravity. The planets network of satellites were all destroyed early in the war.

Stadard atmosphere, but tainted with toxic gases and radioactive dust.

Orginally a temperate, Terra-like climate, the temperatures have plummeted as dust blocks out most of the sunlight.

A smouldering (often radioactive) cratered warzone, both sides have deployed chemical, biological and atomic weapons.

Flora and Fauna
Much of the native pant and animal life has been exterminated in the war, the surviving organisms are very hardy.
A bloody war still rages between the natives and the remnants of Seldon’s forces, both sides are running out of armaments as their factories fail.

Seldon's Folly

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