Rubycon II

Star System

The Rubycon II system is dead, with no inhabitable worlds or valuable mineral wealth. It is notable only for being the gateway into the Koronus Expanse.
It is heavily patrolled by the Imperial Navy and the space around Port Wander is often full of merchants, mercenaries and Rogue Traders.

Rubycon II, a gigantic, dull red star.

Inner Cauldron:
The inner segment of the system is empty of anything but a single large dust cloud. The remains of ancient planets destroyed by the star’s expansion.

Primary Biosphere:
There are no inhabitable bodies in this zone. It contains only a pair of massive gas giants called the Ruby Brothers, each with several dozen barren moons and a wide asteroid belt in the orbit between them.
The Brother’s moons are the sites of several fuel refineries and small scale mining operations, while the asteroid belt is a common meeting point for agencies of ill-repute.

Outer Reaches:
This is by far the most important part of the Rubycon II system, containing Port Wander on the edge of a large asteroid cluster.
The asteroids are covered with various wealthy estates and facilities, owned by the many powerful people with an interest in the Expanse.

Rubycon II

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