Star System

Naduesh is the name of both a star system and it’s sole planet.
The planet is a habitable world, with huge freshwater lakes, native animal life and primitive human tribes, this makes it a popular resupply point for both explorers and pirates.

Naduesh’s Star is a vigourous white star

Inner Cauldron:

Primary Biosphere:
Right in the centre of the habitable zone sits the planet Naduesh.

Outer Reaches:


Naduesh is a popular resupply point for explorers in the expanse

It is a large, slightly smaller than Terra-sized planet with a standard gravity.

The atmosphere is within the standard range for human life.

Naduesh has a very mild climate and little seasonality.

The entire planet is a single landmass, consisting of vast, arid plains, dotted with huge freshwater lakes. However it is dominated by massive, ruined hive-cites which cover a full third of the planet’s surface.

Flora and Fauna
Naduesh has a variety of native plant and animal life. In addition it has native human tribesman who speak a debased form of High Gothic and will trade with “Sky Men”.

Places of Note
The planet is covered in gigantic, crumbling hive ruins, probably full of archeotech.


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