Lucin's Breath


Lucin’s Breath was discovered by Sebastian Winterscale and named in mockery of Commander Lucin Rufinius of Port Wander. Lucin’s Breath was once home to an unknown xenos civilisation, but they left behind no technology of note, instead their cities were built around sinkholes of extremely pure nephium
Nephium is a highly valuable, tarry substance used in the production of promethium. It s has other uses known only to the Adeptus Mechanicus, who pay handsomely for it.
The most productive sinkholes have been claimed and are mines by Houses Winterscale and Chorda, but many others are open for the taking. The Nephium Contract signed between them, divides mining rights between them (although they still fight small scale wars over it).

Lucin’s Breath is a large, approximately Terra-sized planet, with a slightly higher than standard gravity. It also has a single, unnamed moon (with no valuable resources) and the orbiting Victory Station

Very thin, almost to the point of non-existence.

Lacking any real atmosphere and being in the outer reaches of the Gelus System the planet is utterly frozen, covered in methane ice.

A cratered ice-scape, littered with wreckage and mining complexes.

Places of Note
The planet is covered in mines, most belonging to House Chorda or Winterscale. They vary from tens to hundreds of workers per mine and the defences are likewise variable. In general Winterscale mines are ancient, sprawling affairs with many extensions and modifications made by the workers (and in some cases their families). In comparison Chorda mines are high tech STC extraction vaults, manned by prisoners and slaves.
The Skull Pit is the ruins of a large Chorda mine. Found mysteriously empty after all contact ceased.
The Wrecks are an equatorial area, covered with wreckage from the Claimant War between Chorda and Winterscale. Nomadic scavengers called the Shrivs make a living salvaging what they can and selling it back to the Rogue Traders.

Lucin's Breath

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