Star System

The murdered world of Jerazol is a popular story about the destruction wrought by unchecked greed.
Jerazol was a verdant world with a native population of primitive humans, when found by a Rogue Trader he began efforts to civilise them. Soon after this other explorers arrived hunting archeotech that they claimed was hidden on the planet. They killed the Rogue Trader, the burning wreckage of his ships falling to the planets surface, then they bombarded the world.
Now Jerazol is a dead world, it’s sky chocked with ash and the ground a radioactive wasteland.

Jerazol’s unnamed star is recorded to be a white, Sol-like star.

Inner Cauldron:
No records

Primary Biosphere:
Legends state that their is only one body in the primary biosphere, the world of Jerazol itself.

Outer Reaches:
Records mention a pair of minor gas giants in the outer reaches of the system.


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