Star System

The Incendium System has six planets and numerous major moons, including the deathworld Burnscour. The rest of the system is simply uninhabitable, Burnscour however, reaches incredible heights of lethality.

Incendium is a mighty blue giant.

Inner Cauldron:
With a lesser star the gas giant, Zymena would be part of binary system, but in comparison to Incendium it looks tiny. Between Zymena and Incendium is an asteroid cluster, the remnant of a planet torn asunder by the confluence of their gravity.
Zymena has vast rings of dust and debris, making investigating it’s many moons difficult. It possesses three planet sized moons and dozens of smaller asteroids trapped in it’s gravity, many plucked from the asteroid cluster.

Primary Biosphere:
The primary biosphere contains a two planets, Burnscour and Incendium-3, a habitable world with no native life.
Incendium-3 has never been the target of colonisation efforts, it’s lake of native life makes it an expensive prospect.

Outer Reaches:
The outer reaches contain 3 planets and a large dust cloud,
Incendium-4, is a small world with a thin, toxic atmosphere. Incendium-5 is a frozen world, with crushing gravity and a toxic atmosphere. Finally Incendium-6, technically has a breathable atmosphere, were it not cold enough to freeze your lungs solid.


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