Star System

The Gelus system is deep within Winterscale’s Realm and it’s lack of habitable planets would make it completely unremarkable, were it not for the vast stores of nephium found on Lucin’s Breath.
The extreme value of pure nephium to the Adepyus Mechanicus has turned the system into a gold rush, with the power Rogue Trader houses Winterscale and Chorda competing for control.

Gelus, a vigorous white star, prone to powerful solar flares.

Inner Cauldron:
The area around the star in wracked with solar flares, which has impeded it’s exploration. There are two bodies in the inner cauldron; a large asteroid cluster, rendered semi-molten by it’s close orbit to the star; and Gelus-1 a small, uninhabitable planet with a toxic atmosphere. No further exploration has been done of this area.

Primary Biosphere:
There are no inhabitable bodies in this zone. It contains only a single asteroid belt, with negligible mineral resources.

Outer Reaches:
There are two features in the outer reaches, the valuable, but hostile planet Lucin’s Breath and a orbiting refinery station, Victory owned by the Winterscale Clan.


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