Star System

Furibundus marks the exit of The Maw, as such it is the true gateway to the Expanse.

Furibundus is a mighty, blue-white star. It is gigantic and highly unstable, barely even spherical in shape due to it’s constant flares and shed layers.

Inner Cauldron:
Furibundus has a vast and dangerous inner cauldron, rife with powerful solar flares and clouds of gas it blasts off can conceal whole voidships. Ships also find their sensors partially blinded while within the star’s domain.
Finally, orbiting far to close to the deadly star to be habitable is a tiny planet, Altar-Templum-Calixis-Ext-17 which is a heavily shielded Adeptus Mechanicus research station.

Primary Biosphere:
There are no inhabitable bodies in this zone. It contains only a single large asteroid belt, tethering together hundreds of these asteroids is the settlement of Footfall.

Outer Reaches:
Past Footfall there is nothing else in the system.


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