Asteroid Settlement

Footfall (originally Dewain’s Footfall) is a settlement constructed out of the asteroids belt in the Furibundus system. It consists of hundreds of carved stone structures, linked by huge chains, bridges and tunnels, at the heart of the mass is a kilometres tall statue of the God-Emperor.
Many parts of Footfall have no grav-generators, others have damaged generators and fluctuating or weak gravity fields.

Originally populated by stone-workers and Rogue Trader vassals, it is now a thriving frontier town, full of disreputable people of all types. They say that anything can be found in Footfall, for a price.
All the powers of the Callixis Sector have agents operating in Footfall, keeping tabs on activities in the Expanse.

All the strange wonders of the Expanse eventually find their way to Footfall, allowing enterprising Rogue Traders to acquire all sorts of illegal and heretical devices. Meanwhile the teeming mass of scum make recruiting crew and repairing ships a simple matter.


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