Egaria Omega

Star System

Egaria Omega is the most difficult to reach system in The Egarian Dominion, due both physical distance from the cluster and warp turbulence around the system.
Exploration of the system has been limited as a result.

Egaria Omega is an unstable dull, red giant, prone to solar flares.

Inner Cauldron:
Records show that the inner cauldron is clear of any celestial bodies.

Primary Biosphere:
The primary biosphere contains a single planet, designated Egaria Omega-1. This world appears to have a breathable atmosphere and contain Egarian ruins.

Outer Reaches:
The outer reaches are dominated by Syragh a titanic gas giant, which could be more accurately described as a dwarf star. It’s immense gravity makes travel to the system dangerous, explorer vessels have been to known to exit the warp right into it’s gravity tide. It has hundreds of moons, half a dozen of which are the size of planets in their own right and vast rings of dust and debris.

Egaria Omega

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