Egaria Gamma

Star System

Egaria Gamma is an ill-omened system in The Egarian Dominion. It’s reputation comes from the powerful and inexplicable gravity riptides that surge through the systems outer reaches, damaging or even rending in half explorer vessels.
These fearsome gravity surges mean the system is barely explored.

Egaria Gamma is a dull, red giant.

Inner Cauldron:
Scans of the inner part of the system indicate that it is completely empty.

Primary Biosphere:
The primary biosphere holds a single body, Egaria Gamma-1. According to reports it is a gigantic desert world, dotted with untouched Egarian Mazes.

Outer Reaches:
In addition to being swept with devastating gravity riptides, the outer reaches of the system contain an asteroid belt and an asteroid cluster. They are presumed to be the remains of planets shattered by the strange forces at play in the system.

Egaria Gamma

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