Egaria Epsilon

Star System

Egaria Epsilon is the second most well-known and studied system in The Egarian Dominion. Much of the interest is because the system has two habitable worlds covered in xenos ruins and a pair of Egarian void stations.
However the system contains numerous asteroids, clouds of stellar dust and a graveyard of starships from a skirmish between Rogue Traders a century ago. These locations are often used by pirates to launch ambushes on explorers.

Egaria Epsilon is a dull, red giant.

Inner Cauldron:
The inner part of the system contains 2 asteroid clusters (the pirates generally lurk further out in the system however) and the planet Egaria Epsilon-1.
Egaria Epsilon-1 is Terra-sized but high gravity planet. The atmosphere is breathable but thin and there is a single Egarian maze-city on it.
It also has two moons, Egaria Epsilon-1-A is a large asteroid, while Egaria Epsilon 1-B is the size of a small planet with an atmosphere and liquid water. Unfortunately the atmosphere is highly toxic.

Primary Biosphere:
The primary biosphere contains two huge dust clouds, which are common hiding places of pirate raiders and the planet Egaria Epsilon-2
Egaria Epsilon-2 is an approximately Terra-sized desert world, it has a breathable atmosphere and approximately standard gravity. It also has two major Egarian hives and a single large moon. The most striking feature of the planet is a huge chasm, visible from orbit, carved across its surface.
The moon Egaria Epsilon-2-A is the size of a small planet and possesses a standard, but highly toxic atmosphere.

Outer Reaches:
The outer reaches an asteroid belt and another dust cloud. Just outside the orbit of the asteroid belt are a pair of Egarian void stations and overlapping the dust cloud are half a dozen imperial wrecks.
This region is the preferred hiding spot for pirates, leaping on their prey as they come out of warp.

Egaria Epsilon

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