Egaria Alpha

Star System

Egaria Alpha is the most well-known and studied of the systems in The Egarian Dominion, due to it’s position in the centre of the cluster it is believed to have been their home system.

Egaria Alpha is a dull, red giant.

Inner Cauldron:
The inner part of the system is empty, except for a single world, Egaria Alpha-1. The world is close to the star and extremely hot, but does have a breathable atmosphere (although heavily tainted with sulphur). The planet has a small moon. As neither the planet nor the moon have any evidence of Egarian ruins, that is all that is known.

Primary Biosphere:
The primary biosphere contains an asteroid belt, and two planets Egaria Alpha-2 and Egaria Alpha-3.
Egaria Alpha-2, is a Terra-sized planet, with a breathable atmosphere. The surface is a rolling desert of sand and rocky outcrops, interspersed with pools of brackish water (refreshed by the infrequent rains). By far the most important feature of this world are the ruins, the surface holds several massive crystalline hive-cities, each a match in size for any on Necromunda or Scintalla. Each city has a complex internal maze-structure, impossible to map from the outside.
Egaria Alpha-3, is a small rocky planet with no atmosphere. It marks the outer edge of the habitable zone.

Outer Reaches:
The outer reaches consists of a mass of dust clouds, an asteroid belt, an asteroid cluster and a massive, pale blue gas giant Egaria Alpha-4. The gas giant has a dozen or so major moons, none have been thoroughly catalogued.

Egaria Alpha

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