Burnscour is the most famous deathworld in the Expanse, lying in the Incendium system. It is a hellish world, of thick jungle, dangerous beasts and howling storms of acid rain.
The horrific beasts of Burnscour are it’s only resource, hunters come to collect exotic and deadly specimens for the arenas and fighting pits of the Calixis sector. Many do not return.

Burnscour is a large world, slightly larger than Holy Terra, with a gravity within standard human tolerances. It has a single moon, Deathstorm, a lifeless rock wrapped in a deadly acidic atmosphere.

Heavy, breathing can be difficult for unaugmented humans and heavy exertion (such as running in fear) will quickly exhaust visitors. Worse the constant rains are highly acidic, quickly eating through exposed flesh and slowly dissolving even metal shelter.

Hot, Burnscour is only just inside the habitable zone of the Incendium system. Heatstroke and exhaustion will set in quickly.

Burnscour has a single continent, covered in dense jungle. Approximately 70% of the world is covered in a vast acidic ocean.

Flora and Fauna
Every recorded native animal on the planet is deadly to humans, as are all the plants. In addition exposure to spores in the air leads to the rapid colonisation of human flesh with bizarre and horrible fungal infections.

Places of Note
Burnscour is trackless and almost totally unexplored. Previous relics of human visits and failed colonies are rapidly destroyed by the acid rain and jungle plants.


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